Our Mission & Charter

Our Mission & Charter

Our Mission

Statement Rocky Mountain Classical Academy exists to support parents in developing citizens of integrity and character who are equipped with a strong knowledge base and academic skills.  The basis of this development is rooted in an academically rigorous, content-rich, classical educational program with core knowledge emphasis.  


Our Charter

The Colorado League of Charter Schools publishes a fact sheet related to Charter Schools within the State of Colorado.  This document contains some great information about how Charter Schools are operated differently from other public schools. Watch this Colorado League of Charter Schools video to get a better understanding of what is unique about charter schools, especially in terms of parental involvement!    


Our Philosophy

RMCA embraces a classical approach to education, seeking to inspire excellence by holding forth examples in each subject field, which have stood the test of time and have been widely recognized as the very best.  It is a philosophy in which students are taught time-tested, high quality literature, art, and music, as well as science, mathematics, geography, and history.  In addition, students will learn the best in modern thought on these subjects.  The key pillars of "a passion for learning, analytical thinking, and virtuous character," will all be based on a solid foundation of knowledge.    


Our Focus

  • Rigorous Academic and Character standards for all students in the Academy
  • Maximum learning opportunities for all enrolled students through the solid, sequenced, and specific curriculum of the Core Knowledge program
  • Teaching of analytical thinking skills, built upon a solid foundation of knowledge by using instruction in logic, rhetoric, and inductive reasoning
  • Diverse approaches to learning and education through the classical approach and methodologies, while seeking to instill a passion for learning in students as a by-product of the rich content, expert teaching, and application of knowledge through hands-on experiences
  • An instilling of virtuous character in students through teaching about morality through examples in literature and history, as well as by positive application and modeling of the virtues
  • The use of a diverse range of proven and creative teaching methods and activities to help students meet the Academy’s goals and objectives for student achievement
  • The use of multiple assessment tools, in addition to CSAPs, carefully linked to RMCA’s curriculum
  • A Core Knowledge School of Choice for the parents of Colorado Springs , which incorporates the classical tools of learning
  • A maximum of parental involvement in the school, by having parents serve on key school committees, and through close parent / teacher and parent/principal collaboration
  • Teaching of Spanish to enhance cross-cultural communication within the United States
  • Accountability for school performance and student achievement, including meeting or exceeding all district and state standards  

Mission & Charter Documents