The Knights Campaign

The Knights Campaign

Every Student, Every Day, Reaching Destinations of Excellence

Our goal is to provide our community’s students and families the absolute best possible education and student development with the resources they require. Join us as a united community as we begin this journey to enhance directly and profoundly the value of an RMCA education.

Consider the following questions:

  • How wonderful would it be for every RMCA student to reach his or her highest potential?
  • How much more would students grow if everyone had the opportunity to participate in all school events, including character field trips, college visits, educational field trips, athletics, the arts, social functions, and additional community events?
  • How wonderful would it be if RMCA built the athletics complex and preschool/kindergarten wing that were part of our main building’s original design?
  • How might all families and students benefit if we could provide all school supplies, musical instruments, athletic uniforms and equipment, and school uniforms?

RMCA Students Studying the Civil War.

The Knights Campaign will help provide those resources. RMCA is a non-tuition, public charter school, and a 503(c)(3) non-profit entity. Although RMCA receives state funds per pupil, we have more costs than do traditional public schools. Each month, we pay a fee to our authorizer, Falcon District 49. This fee recompenses District personnel who provide our school with services that we cannot provide. These include administrative assistance, special education, speech-language pathology, and more. In addition, we pay for the construction, operations, maintenance, and sustainment of our facilities. Traditional district schools do not pay for those.  Despite the impressive achievements and growth of District 49, it remains one the lowest funded districts within Colorado for per pupil revenue. When one considers the extra costs that RMCA’s per pupil revenue must cover that traditional schools do not, our effective per pupil revenue is far less than a traditional school.

We are presently establishing the Knights Campaign as a non-profit entity with its own leadership and governing board. To create the future we desire, the Knights Campaign will need volunteer help. The Foundation will have an Annual Fund, Alumni Fund, Parents Fund, Capital Planning Fund, and additional endowments.

Character Education at RMCA.