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Chronicles of the Knights

2018 8th Grade Graduation
F-16 Pilot Visits RMCA
5th Grade Civil War Wax Museum
2018 Fine Art Extravaganza a Success!
2018 Middle School Talent Show
!Cinco de Mayo y Mas (and More)!
Grant for Tablets
Internet Safety and Suicide Prevention
Pikes Peak Wind Ensemble at RMCA
Camping in the Great Indoors
Mrs. Kettinger's 5th grade class earns an indoor camp day!
Awareness with Gaheris
RMCA Students invited to D49 Art Show!
RMCA has very talented artists and will be featured in the D49 Art Show!
RMCA Teacher Boot Camp
Teachers get in shape so they can keep up with the kids!
Students say the Pledge of Allegiance at a State Assembly
Poetry Smash at RMCA!
RMCA Teacher Ms. Kylie M. Hammond, Falcon Education Foundation Teacher of the Year
Teachers of the Month; January, February
KNIGHTS Character Club Serves Others
Dr. Seuss at RMCA
RMCA 100's Day!
Kids celebrated the 100th day of school with fun and counting!
Holy Vesuvius
Explosions and Excitement!!!
We Signed the Beam
Kindergarten students sign the beam in the new addition!
Zoo Puppet Safari
First grade have fun with the zoo safari!
Robotics Granted for RMCA
Third grade teacher wins grant for robotics!
RMCA Forensics Trio Place Third!
On Saturday, January 27, 2018, nine Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA) Middle School Forensics Team members competed at the Challenger Middle School Forensics Tournament.
RMCA Takes the Oregon Trail
Second graders travel the Oregon Trail that parents and staff recreate at RMCA!