8th Grade Walk DC Trip

Some of the attractions:

8th Grade 2023 Walk DC Trip Pre-Departure Meeting April 12, 6-7PM
7th Grade 2024 Walk DC Trip Meeting March 22, 6-7PM

​Fundraiser #1: World’s Finest Chocolate


Boxes of 60 candy bars can be purchased from the front office for $30.  Your student will sell them for $1

 each.  After they have sold all 60 bars and collected $60, they turn in $30 (the profit) to the front office and that will be placed in your child’s Walk DC account.  Students are welcome to sell as many boxes as they like.



Fundraiser Idea #2


Throughout the school year, Walk DC parents can get together to organize other fundraising events.  Some events that have been done in the past include a pancake breakfast, selling Chick-Fil-A calendars, and a chili dinner on a conference night.  If you have ideas or would like to lead an event, please contact RMCA Staff at [email protected].


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