8th Grade Walk DC Trip

8th Grade Walk DC Trip

WalkDC 2021-2022 is currently scheduled for April 25-30th, 2022
Did you know that when your student reaches 8th grade at Rocky Mountain Classical 

Academy, he/she has an amazing opportunity to go to Washington DC?  

Each year towards the end of the school year, RMCA sends a group of 8th graders, parent chaperones and staff for a busy, fun filled trip to Washington DC.  The trip is usually 6 days long and includes airfare, hotel, transportation, meals, attractions and a t-shirt.  Walk DC is a great way for students to make wonderful memories and to apply much of what they have learned while at RMCA!

The Walk DC Trip varies each year based on airfare and hotel rates but usually is less that $1800.  We would love to see every 8th grade student go and we offer a variety of fundraising options that can be started in 6th grade!  Many students (and chaperones) in the past have earned their entire trip through these fundraisers!


​Fundraiser #1: World’s Finest Chocolate


Boxes of 60 candy bars can be purchased from the front office for $30.  Your student will sell them for $1

 each.  After they have sold all 60 bars and collected $60, they turn in $30 (the profit) to the front office and that will be placed in your child’s Walk DC account.  Students are welcome to sell as many boxes as they like. 



Fundraiser #2: World Arena Concession Stand

World Arena

​RMCA has the best concession stand at the Broadmoor World Arena.  The World Arena hosts events such as concerts, shows, concerts, sporting events and more.  The concession stand sells a food, soft drinks and alcohol.


This opportunity allows anyone 16 years or older to work at the concession stand and earn money for the Walk DC Trip.  A SignUpGenius account  lists all the upcoming dates and times volunteers are needed and events can range from 4 to 7 hours long.   


Choose which events work best for you.  Every event needs an Inventory Manager and a Money Manager and will arrive 2 hours prior for inventory, prepare money.  You will receive on-the-job training at your first event.


Volunteers can average anywhere from $30 to $60+ dollars per event.  Families are encouraged to work together. One family made $1190 from May to December working 21 events.  Another family worked 18 events and earned $1700 because they did the Money Manager position a few times which calls for a few more hours. If you work only  handful of events each year starting in 6th grade and you can easily earn enough money to pay for your student’s trip and possibly yours as a parent chaperone! 

Fundraiser Idea #3


Throughout the school year, Walk DC parents can get together to organize other fundraising events.  Some events that have been done in the past include a pancake breakfast, selling Chick-Fil-A calendars, and a chili dinner on a conference night.  If you have ideas or would like to lead an event, please contact RMCA Staff at walkdc@rmcacs.org.


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