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RMCA Staff Wellness Challenge

RMCA takes health and wellness seriously not only for students but also for our staff members. In Quarter 3 we put on a Wellness Mystery Challenge for all of our staff to partake in. It consisted of staff members receiving a health and wellness challenge each day for 3 weeks. They would find out what the daily challenge was through email each morning at 6 am and would have until midnight to complete the daily challenge. These challenges could be anything from physical activity, eating healthy, or even completing things that helped improve their mental health. We had 74 staff members participate in the challenge and out of the 74 only 5 staff members completed every single challenge! Those 5 staff members are Lauren Huitt (Registrar), Talon Stefanski (MS Science), Claudia Lopez (Preschool), Jeff Wilson (MS Music), and Andrina McClelland (Reading Interventionist).  If you see these staff members around the building, make sure to congratulate them on being an RMCA Wellness Champion!