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MS Order


  • To give students opportunities to contribute to the school and be recognized
  • To allow students the opportunity to display responsibility
  • To give all students a sense of belonging
  • To encourage positive behavior while building lasting relationships between grade levels
  • To provide leadership opportunities throughout RMCA


  • There are thirteen Houses at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy. In addition, each House has associated colors, a flag, a t-shirt, and a House name.
  • Students can earn points for their House by engaging in positive behavior, attending school events, participating in school activities, showing good character, etc. 
  • At the end of each quarter, the top three houses will earn prizes and winners will be announced to the entire middle school.
  • Running totals of points for each House will be displayed on the middle school TV.


During the first days of Order meetings, elections will be held to determine the following year-long positions within each House.  All leadership representatives must meet GPA requirements and teacher approval.:


*King or Queen

            -Runs meetings and helps delegate responsibilities

            -Attends Knights of the Round Table meetings

            -Is a designated Student Council member


*Archduke or Archduchess 

            -Helps King/Queen run meetings

            -Runs meetings if King/Queen is absent

            -Attends Knight of the Round Table meeting if King/Queen is absent


* Count or Countess 

-Takes notes at meetings when needed

-Tracks individual names on tickets for entire House

-Assists in main tasks with King/Queen or Archduke/Archduchess as needed


* Treasurer 

            -Counts House points every week

            -Reports House points to Mr. Humphrey

            -Note:  If Treasurer cheats with points, the entire House is

disqualified for the quarter and a new Treasurer will be appointed.)


*Student Council Representative (in addition to King/Queen)

            -Participates in all things “Student Council”